Automotive & mobility

In the automotive sector, powerful factors are at work:

  • A potential new vision of the car for many consumers, not as an asset to own, but as part of an overall transportation service;
  • The digital connectedness which changes the relationship between customers and brands; It also enables OEM for the first time to interact directly with the car owner not through a dealer network
  • New concerns around the ecology and around ethics;
  • A change in the historic competitive model, based for many years solely on “product first”
  • New digital distribution models are emerging and there is strong pressure on margins.

As a player in the automotive sector, many have positioned the customer experience as a strategic pillar of this transformation. The customer relationship must become a major lever of differentiation and contribute to the development of a strong affinity between your customers and your brand.

The challenges are to build a customer relationship that delivers:

  • Plus de simplicité et de cohérence entre les canaux
  • Plus de présence lors des moments clés pour le client
  • Plus de personnalisation et de proximité
  • Plus d’accompagnement au quotidien
  • Plus d’attitude relationnelle et plus d’émotion


En tant que partenaire reconnu à l’international par le secteur automobile, nous avons développé une gamme de services complets pour vous accompagner à améliorer l’expérience de vos clients particuliers et entreprises.