Health & pharmaceutical

Healthcare sector players are particularly exposed and sensitive to the image of their products, so they have traditionally promoted the "technical" aspects of their patient services (procedures, quality of care provided, technical equipment, etc.) and of their relationships with laboratories and purchasers, such as hospitals, doctors and pharmacies (research, innovation, etc.).

Although patients are not customers, they increasingly behave as such in the healthcare sector. There is also less product differentiation (producers of common active ingredients, pervasiveness of generics) in the current market. This means the quality of the customer relationship and experience is becoming a major factor for differentiation.

As a pharmaceutical laboratory, your challenge is to develop your relationship with prescribing doctors, support pharmacists in their advisory role and help patients access information.

Comdata helps you to meet these challenges, from designing a digital and seamless customer journey to managing your customer relationship process (front office and back office).