Financial services

In a financial market experiencing profound changes, products and services are now offered by many different players. Banks are selling insurance, financing companies are selling banking products, and insurance companies are offering different financing solutions. The lines between the financial institutions are blurring :
  • Disintermediation is accelerating and is increasing the risk of losing touch with future customers.
  • Partners and distributors of the sector’s major players are sometimes more aggressive and more agile when offering personalized services to customers.
  • New business models are revolutionizing the competitive landscape.
  • Regulation and the need to strengthen data security are increasingly pressing.
  • Services are increasingly digitized, which provides tangible benefits to customers.

Because of these changes, products and services are becoming commonplace and can no longer be differentiated from the competition. To overcome these challenges, you need to focus on managing the customer experience. To develop greater proximity with your customers, your priority is digital, data management and customer relations.

We already help many global players in the banking and insurance sectors to design and implement these new relational models. On behalf of financial institutions, we operate in compliance with the various regulations of the markets in which we’re present and conform to the highest security standards (PCI).