Extended capabilities

Multilingual hubs

Speak the same language as your customers

Comdata Smart Hub

Enhance operations with our hybrid work@home operating model

Digital Transformation

Support you in your digital transformation


Find the perfect location(s)


Protect your data with the highest standards

Multilingual hubs

From country to country and region to region, consumers have diverse ways of thinking and behaving, even if they speak the same language.

At Comdata, our agents are trained to understand and embrace local behaviors, cultural sensitivities and demographic differences. This is key to creating customer intimacy and ensuring that we give every individual customer the solution and experience they expect.

We have 9 multilingual hubs (Barcelona, Malaga, Bucharest, Casablanca, Paris, London, Istanbul, Mexico City, Bogota) from which we can serve more than 30 languages. Always embracing diverse cultures and always staying close to your customers to build empathy and intimacy.

Comdata Smart Hub

Comdata Smart Hub  is our global and advanced home-working model, combining work@home and on-site operations and offering huge benefits to our clients and teams. It’s futureproofed, flexible and both client- and employee-centric.

Benefits for clients

  • Service and business continuity even in the face of unpredictable events
  • Rapid scalability
  • Extended capabilities - Leading the way in Customer Interaction & Process Management
  • Cutting-edge technology platform that boosts performance
  • World-class data and IT security


Benefits for our people

  • Greater flexibility around working patterns
  • Less time commuting
  • New personal development opportunities and reinforced autonomy

Digital Transformation

Across all our geographies, we can mobilize our expertise (in CX consulting, process re-engineering, analytics, automation, tools development and more) to improve your CX services.

Our  Comdata Digital  teams will support you in building, integrating and managing innovative services and solutions to improve your customer journeys.

By speeding up your transformation digitale, we make it easier and quicker for you to capture the benefits of digitalization and enter the future of Customer Management.

Best Shoring

Decisions about onshoring and offshoring are increasingly complex, with the need to balance skills, process expertise, costs and other elements. We’re here to support you on these decisions, offering you choices, advice and bespoke solutions based on your own business model.

  • We have a large portfolio of shoring options across the EMEA and Latam regions catering for whatever you need in terms of skills, process expertise and costs.
  • Our tailor-made solutions provide you with the best shoring strategy to support your ambitions in a sustainable way.
  • In addition, the work@home options available through our advanced Comdata Smart Hub delivery model have created new best-shoring options for clients in different sectors by opening up new local and international talent pools and competition.


Protecting the security of the entire business ecosystem (clients, customers and employees) is critical in our business. So we are meticulous about applying the highest level of data and IT security standards in everything we do.

Across all our geographies and operations, we have designed and deployed a global cybersecurity model to ensure a highly secure environment and comply with international regulations on data privacy.

And we never sit still on this – we’re constantly horizon-scanning and continually improving our security approaches to ensure the security of IT and data.