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Customer Operations

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Customer Operations

From outsourcing of customer interactions and processes to customer experience consulting, our services are focused on one goal: helping you to maximize customer value, through a smart blend of people, process and technology.

We believe that many brands are under-exploiting the opportunities from integrating front and back office. It’s an effective way to lower costs and improve the customer experience, and we can support you on this.

Across all our work, we guarantee operational excellence, global consistency and competitiveness, and apply high-level security standards, with multiple certifications.

We combine an international footprint with strong, decentralized, local expertise, to be as close as possible to you and your business.


Enhancing customer experience is a powerful differentiator for brands. Our CX consultants have a deep understanding of different sectors’ and customers’ needs, and we use our 15+ years’ experience and diverse talent pool to pinpoint how you can stand out from the crowd.

Adding innovative technology (e.g. visually augmented tech support, conversational robot, etc), we reshape the contact process, re-skill and upskill different teams, and change the KPIs.

Our team of process engineers can optimize your customer operations on 3 levels:

  • Process optimization: Reorganization of activities, redesign of processes and identification of automation opportunities, followed by reassessment and development of agent skills & activities to increase productivity and value.
  • Efficiency increase: Automation of task dispatching to the right resource (human or bot) across all processes, with clear priority management business rules. We orchestrate the best mix of human & automation, focusing agents on value-add tasks with optimal productivity.
  • Analytics & governance: Enabling effective measurement and real-time monitoring of customer operations.

Analytics & digital enablement

Digital and automation are must-haves, but legacy systems are often obstacles to business transformation.

We’re here to help with that. Our dedicated application development team has a worldwide presence and works closely with our operations team across the business to industry challenges and find solutions.

Leveraging 30+ years ‘experience in managing customer interactions, the team develops cutting-edge tools to operate, measure and improve customer management. We’ve developed over 20 enterprise-grade software solutions in-house, all designed specifically for customer operations business.

We continually work to develop and enhance these and other solutions, helping you to exploit the potential of technologies, from AI to predictive and speech analytics to remote visual and augmented tech.