Solutions CX


Improve the efficiency of your sales operations

Customer Care

Create value at each touchpoint with the customer

Credit Management

Optimize your debt collection process


At Comdata, we understand your business, industry and sales goals and we make them our own. We’re passionate ambassadors of your brand.

We can support you in your digital transformation in sales, using social networks, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence.

Whether you want to sell BtoB or BtoC or improve retention and loyalty, we:

  • Optimize the efficiency of your sales operations
  • Acquire customers and develop their value
  • Offer a seamless experience across different channels, both digital and traditional
  • Use cutting-edge technologies and data analytics to promote customer conversion and loyalty Most of all, we maximize sales performance, to help you develop not only your business but your customer base value over time.

Most of all, we maximize sales performance, to help you develop not only your business but your customer base value over time.

Customer Care

When we manage your customer care and interact with your customers, we aim to create value at every touchpoint. We connect with them and understand their needs. We take care of them and resolve their issues, whatever the channel or language they want to use. From information requests to claims management, by phone, instant messaging or any other channels, and across your digital platforms, we build strong and meaningful relationships with your customers – both BtoB and BtoC. Always guaranteeing operational excellence and global consistency. Always offering the best blend of people, processes and technology.

Technical Assistance

At Comdata, we’re shaping the future of Customer Management and technical assistance. We resolve your customer technical issues, minimizing customer effort and speeding up resolution times through innovative technologies for self-service assistance and remote support.

We support your customers 24/7 on their technical issues, from the most standard queries to the most complex, and throughout the product life cycle (installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and more). For our corporate clients, we provide internal IT (software & hardware) and network support (alarm monitoring, crisis management, etc.) In all of this, we deliver excellence at the best cost.

Credit Management

At Comdata, we believe that when it comes to interactions around financial issues, customer relationships become even more important and critical. Our debt collection and credit management services are innovative and tailor-made for your business. Blending people, technology and processes, we are experts in building and managing robust quality assurance processes along your entire customer lifecycle:

  • Anticipation of payment defaults
  • Bespoke actions along the customer journey to prevent default risk
  • Blend of automation and the human touch to handle both amicable and legal debt collection,

Notre priorité tout au long du processus est de préserver la qualité de la relation et de garantir un recouvrement efficace des créances.